Where to buy a corner sofa

    I'm looking at buying a new fabric corner sofa. The sales are on, so I have around £800 to spend - hoping to get a more expensive sofa reduced down to around £800. I've looked at DFS, Harveys and SCS, but can somebody recommend other places to buy sofas (not too sure about Argos as some of the reviews are not that good). Only asking, as I've never bought a new sofa before so am not too sure of other places that sell them for around this price. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you.


    I'd go with Harvey's, 10 year warranty, not sure what it covers, but I don't think the others do anything like it,

    Just got an amazing one at Debenhams £1000 off. My parents got a really nice big corner sofa at Harvey's for £800. We went to DFS and it seemed a lot more expensive for what you get. It's worth checking all department stores as the deals can be store specific. Good luck


    Got a nice modular corner sofa from ikea maybe worth having a look

    Maybe in the next sale? We got ours from dfs half price last year. Although we did have a really comfy one of ebay for about 450 lasted about 5 years even with kids

    I got mine from love sofas, they don't push you into buying anything or try and flog you any extra

    make sure you buy one with foam seat cushions rather that stuffed. (or be prepared to fork out for another sofa in a few month time again).

    why don't you try a next home reductions store you can get some really good bargains

    Think the DFS sale starts today :(.

    My sister bought one from dfs £1200 custometized. But they made the wrong corner curved, took a couple months to resolve it but they left the sofa for them to use. Once the got it right they said they will be selling the wrong one £800. Cool story I know point is have a look on reconditioned, they may have good ones.
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    Think the DFS sale starts today ;):(.

    Surely, the DFS Sale ended yesterday and starts today and runs for the next 364 days.

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