Where to buy a really smart white shirt

    I want to buy my boyfriend a really smart white shirt, with nice crisp collars and cuffs (with cuff link holes). A quality one - but instead of traipsing round the shops first was wondering if any of you knew whether a particular brand etc was renown for selling these? Thanks guys


    Here ]http//ww…om/ :thumbsup: Well worth the money :thumbsup:

    Thomas Pink - crease resistant white shirt is good but buttoned cuffs (not sure if they do cuff linked ones with same material).

    Hackett shirts are generally good.

    Whats your budget? Dolce and Gabbana do some nice shirts but around £150. Or Zara do some really nice ones for £40 odd.

    Can't go wrong with Armani

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    Thanks - looking to spend about £50-£70
    Want to get away from high street but dont want to be spending as much as £150!!
    Thomas Pink looks pretty good as does Hackett - any other suggestions would be great!

    I was really pleased a few years ago to be given a present of two Thomas Pink shirts, white and blue with cufflink cuffs and for the first few wears they were just fine.

    Unfortunately, the blue one wore through the outer material layer at the collar within 6 months and both shirts proved increasingly difficult to iron as time passed until it got to the point that no amount of steam, spray or prayer would rid them of creases completely.

    So, I would have to say that, unless there has been a significant increase in quality since about 2003/4, Pink is probably best avoided. Sure, there's a wow factor on presentation but a great gift is one that lasts and doesn't eventually annoy you.

    Quality in shirts is very very hit and miss with price being no guarantee of a superior finish. For example, I own a few Asda/George plain white shirts for office work and they look pretty much as new as they did 5 years ago and wash up and iron well. M&S are generally excellent with Next being less so.

    There's little substitute to going to a shop, checking the styles and feeling the material. Harrods is, surprisingly enough, quite a good place to do this and some shirts, from memory, do come in there at around your budget.
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