where to buy a xbox 360 ???

    i was woundering where is the best place to get a new xbox360 is dixons or currys any good for replacing systems say 8 months old as i want to be able to swap it if this one dies instead of sending it back to microsoft ????

    any good ideas what about argos

    the thing is i have a xbox 360 already as you can see from my gamertag but i have had it 13 months so i dont think microsoft would fix it for me and not just that it sounds like a pain in the bum to get them fixed.

    this will be the 2nd unit i will buy as my first is broken its going to cost me £540 because i am buying another one to replace it its a joke and to think that many people say the ps3 is overpriced its not when you console breaks down and you have to pay for another one.

    its going to be fun and games this year for people becasue this is the first year that the consoles will be out of warrenty like mine.

    i dont even know if i should swap it for the working one and take it back and get my cah back its just that io get the feeling that microsoft are messing us about thats all

    mmmmmmm what to do


    Mine stopped working last week, called xbox on the freephone number and explained. As it's under warranty, they sent me some stickers to call a courier service. Should be back with me in 7 - 10 days.

    Have to provide own box to ship it in though which I thought was poor service.

    Girl at xbox told me that you can buy an extra years warranty for £40 as long as the console is still in warranty.

    Think I will opt for this when I get mine back.

    I'm actually dissappointed as I only play it about an hour a week and it's packed in.
    On the other hand, the games are great.

    Hope this helps

    Game are generally good at replacing, two people I know have had them break on them and they replaced them for free (1 year game warranty).

    WHsmith, ive worked there and weve swapped consoles over for people from within a year, not only that but we give them the difference back if its now cheaper!

    Just as a note, gamestation will sometimes buy broken consoles off you and try to fix them for resale, so this may be useful if anything breaks outside your warranty

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    i can not beleve my luck as it was manufac in dec 2005 only bloody 2 weeks out of warrenty dont know if i should phone microsoft up and see what happens.

    do you get a new console now or are thay refurbs ?????, its a joke that people have to keep getting these swaped or replaced i know 5 friend who have these and 3 of them have had to get theres replaced a very very poor build the thing is this will happen again as the consoles are still the same build you would of thought microsoft would have sorted a better cooling system out now.

    also if i get a new console when i plug my HD drive into it will all my settings be the same like gamer card and my downloads ??????

    mrtootough how old was your xbox 360, same here i was lucky if my console had 200 hours game time in 12 months

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    is there any good bargains for a new console


    i can not beleve my luck as it was manufac in dec 2005 only bloody 2 … i can not beleve my luck as it was manufac in dec 2005 only bloody 2 weeks out of warrenty dont know if i should phone microsoft up and see what happens.

    I hope I can be the bearer of good news. To the best of my knowledge Microsoft have granted early purchasers a second year's warranty due to initial manufacturing defects.

    Mine's been fine and I bought that on launch day, but my housemate bought one this Christmas and it only worked once before deciding it's short life was over! :w00t:

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    but i thought that was for americans only ????? the extra 1 year

    Even though you are out of warranty I would urge you to refer to the following which relates to the Sale of Goods Act. If you paid via credit card you also stand a good chance of getting something done

    When was the item purchased? Was it used from this date or was it a gift which say wasnt used for a month?

    13 months for such an expensive piece of kit is not a reasonable length of time for an XBOX. I would argue you should get 3 years out of it and if mine goes within this period I will be straight back down to Gamestation or if they dont help I will contact my credit card company.

    Buying a £4 toaster from ASDA is a lot different to buying a £280 console from whereever. The critical point is that they must last a reasonable time - I would (and have argued in the past) that 13 months for an games console is not a reasonable amount of time.

    If you buy anything from a shop, catalogue or even the internet and there's something wrong with it, then you've got a right to do something about it. But this doesn't apply to changing your mind when you've decided you really shouldn't have bought a mini disc player when your rent is due any day now.

    What does the law say?
    One of the most important laws governing your rights as a consumer is the Sale of Goods Act 1979. Like many laws it has evolved to keep up with changes in society so the Act now includes the 'amendments' the Sale and Supply of Goods Act 1994 and the Sale of Goods (Amendment) Act 1995.

    This is a wide-ranging piece of legislation that applies to both new and second-hand goods.

    It protects consumers by ensuring that:

    Goods are of 'satisfactory quality' - products must last a reasonable time and be free of defects
    Goods are 'as described' - a trader or advertisement must honestly describe the product. If, for example, you buy a CD that turns out to be counterfeit then you have a case against the trader that sold it.
    Fit for purpose - products must do what the supplier says they do.
    If you buy something that doesn't meet any of the conditions stated above, it's your right to demand your money back from the trader (the person/shop who bought it from), not the manufacturer, wholesaler or importer.

    Traders also have a duty to supply products that are safe. If they knowingly supply unsafe goods they are committing an offence. If you buy an unsafe product, contact your local Trading Standards Office who will investigate the matter and prosecute the trader if necessary.

    If the faulty goods cause injury to yourself or damage to your property of more than £275, you may be able to claim against the manufacturer or importer under 'product liability' rules set out in the Consumer Protection Act 1987.

    Just as importantly, you have no grounds for complaint under these terms if you:

    Were told about the fault when buying the product
    Inspected the product and should have noticed the fault
    Damaged the product yourself
    Bought the product by mistake
    Have changed your mind

    Services, such as those provided by tradesmen and professionals, are covered by the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982. Service providers have a 'duty of care' to those they work for and work carried out must be 'to a reasonable standard at a reasonable cost.'

    If you feel you've been overcharged you have a right to pay what you think is a 'reasonable price' (what you would expect anybody else to do the job for), although you may be sued for the full cost by the provider.
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