Where to buy an Arduino starter kit cheapest

Found 7th Jun 2013
I'm looking to buy an Arduino to learn a bit more about programming before I go to uni, and also gives me a project to do over the summer. I want to find the cheapest place to purchase one preferably a starter kit, and no more than £25. I reckon my best bets are fleabay, but you never know. Cheers guys!
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Perhaps better to get a breadboard, a processor chip and a few components. Make sure your processor has the Arduino bootloader and away you go. I suspect you would soon outgrown a ready built board.

You would need to add a breadboard to this and a few bits depending on what you want to explore.

You could do a lot worse that get involved here: jeelabs.org/
It is basically Arduino equipment but with radio transmission wrapped in, I helpful group too.
I found this on eBay but I don't know if its any good or if I should so what you guys have suggested!
I don't understand what http:/****/1bcY4H7 means. That isn't a valid domain.
Looks fine. Have fun!
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