Where to buy Arrack? (Sri Lankian)

Found 25th Nov 2013

I'm in the process of buying Christmas presents and something I've been meaning to obtain for a few Christmases is a bottle of Arrack.
For anyone wondering what the hell is Arrack? Arrack is a alcoholic drink made generally in Sri Lanka from the sap of coconut trees. It tastes great, doesn't leave you with a hangover no matter how much you drink and generally comes in at around 40% volume.
The only places I've ever seen it has been Sri Lanka and the Maldives, I've been searching the internet monthly to see if I can find any UK stockists. The only brand I can find is Celyon Arrack at £25! a bottle (I've bought arrack in duty free for ~£8 a bottle) and the brands I was really looking for was either VSOA Arrack or Old Arrack.

I'm located in the middle of nowhere so ideally online, however I can get to the following cities/large towns within reasonable time; Stoke-on-Trent, Macclesfield and Derby.

I'm hoping some with say try this site or this store at x place stocks it.

Failing that has anyone used thedrinkshop.com?

Thanks in advance.
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I really like the sound of this drink and determined to find a bottle. I found VSOA and Old Arrack on American websites but don't ship to UK. Amazon have the Ceylon Arrack £24.99. The drink shop.com sell on Amazon so should be OK. Will have another look around let us know if you find any.

Here you go

Nice one.
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