Where to buy Beaded Blind Chain?

    Hi thanks for reading.

    I'm looking for the side pull chain, not the bottom chain.

    I've found on ebay for £1 per metre, I'll need approx 20 metres, it has to be cheaper to buy 20m reel?

    Can't seem to find this in bulk though.


    My local market has it, see if your local market has it, normally sellers who have zips, buttons, etc..

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    Thanks both

    They are probably 50 or 100 metre rolls. We have a local shop and I have seen them. Look really big so may even be longer

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    Checked out those sites, one of them doesn't have the beaded chain, he other one is still around £1 per metre. There are local blind shops that sell it for £1 a metre; I'd rather buy 50 m for £20 (if that's possible) and sell the spare on Gumtree for a tenner. £1 is the going rate, but I'm on this site to void paying the going rate at all costs.

    I'm in the north east, so won't make it to Gloucester anytime soon.
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