Where to buy bio Ethanol

Found 3rd Sep 2014
I won a little table fireplace that runs on bio Ethanol but have been unsuccessful in finding ethanol in local stores and offers on eBay etc seem quite pricey. Can anyone recommend a place to buy this stuff? Or are there alternative kinda of fuel?

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People say that bio ethanol is the same as methylated spirits which I last bought from a chemists of all places. But meths stinks so I can't see it being the same?????
bio ethanol is not the same as methylated spirits

bio ethanol burns with odour or soot

best place if they have it in stock is B&Q - £5 for 2 litres which is cheaper than almost all ebay suppliers

But if buying of ebay be careful - not all bioethanol is the same! some will burn better than others. If you want it for a decorative fire then you want stuff that burns with a nice visable flame.

Also heard you can use alcohol gel hand sanitiser in the ethanol gel fires.
Suggest looking on contemporaryelements.co.uk - they have standard and odourless bio ethanol available
Google also says ethanol and meths are the same ;-)
bio-ethanol is ethanol that has been produced from crops.
ethanol is the alcohol in alcoholic drinks that gets you drunk. it is heavily taxed.
methylated spirits (meths) is ethanol with methanol mixed in with it, to stop people drinking it. (it will make you sick / blind)
the bio-ethanol you buy for these stoves, is bio-ethanol with something added to "denature" it, ie make it so you cant drink it.

i think that the meths will stink if you use it in the fire indoors, but you would probably be ok outside.
i think you might have to buy it in bulk to get it for £2.50 / litre.
I used to have to get Meths for my Tilley lamp. It ran on paraffin but you had to pre-heat it with meths in a little tub around the lamp stem. It burns clean or it would ruin the mantle.
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