where to buy boxes of 'penny' sweets?

Found 16th Dec 2013
I need to buy some tubs of what used to be known as penny sweets - cola bottles, flying saucers etc. Anyone got any recommendations on where to buy them please?


Do you know anyone with a cash and carry membership? Makro, costco etc? That's the best place.

You can get them from places like amazon and ebay but they're quite expensive from there once you factor in postage

Morrisons are doing a 'swizzle'retro sweet tub for 4.99. Home bargains have a smaller version of same for 2.49.

You can buy them on Amazon, just do a search for which ones you want. I bought loads last year and still have a few floral gums left!

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Thank you. Postage does seem to be the killer online. Hoping to feel well enough to try the shops later today!

Why not buy your own tubs and buy sweets from a pick and mix and fill the tubs up yourself?

Try shear sweets. I got my candy buffet sweets from there they were fab

If you live in Yorkshire, get yourself to the Haribo factory shop in Pontefract.

Tesco and asda were also doing thr swizzler tubs for five pounds.

See if you can get membership to your local wholesaler type place. I get mine from Hyperama for about £3.50 for a £6.00 RRP tub, thet have loads of Haribo, Swizzles etc

if you havnt got an accoutn anywhere you can get them of ebay as well

Costco for sure

amazon - ebay £6 a full box like in the shop's that sell them 5p each been voted 300 + hot on hear

depending where you live hancocks do these but you will have tobuy full bags ie 3kg

Various towns have olde style sweetshops; might be worth checking if there's one near you.


Poundland have had tubs with single types of sweets like cola bottles etc recently. If there is one near you it's definitely worth checking there. They were stacked up near the book section in my one so check the whole store and not just the food bit.

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Thank you all for your suggestions. Feeling really poorly, but hoping to delegate the job later on! Will be great to be able to have some ideas to point them in the right direction.


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No makro around here any more

go to local 'corner shop' for a mix up! my fav!!!

Also, B&M's are doing a cellophane 'cone' with those sorts of sweets in, not sure on price but will be pretty cheap from there x

I've found the 99p store andthe like best for cheap sweets, they're in bags rather than boxes but I've found for school disco's these work out cheaper than buying them in boxes wholesale.

Amazon or makros online

BHS are doing stuff like this atm and its got between 10-30% off different sets. There was loads in the Glasgow st Enoch center store yesterday maybe worth trying them online or your local?
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