Where to buy boys shoes for wide and high arch feet

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Found 13th Feb

Im straggling terrible to purchase warmer trainers for my son.
He has H + wide feet and very high arch.
We have tried so many brands and a part from star rite there is so limited choice.
Any ideas?



have u tried in brannon and adams shops they usually do wider fit ones.

Nike trainers + orthotic insoles could be alternative solution.


I can't comment on the higher arch but if you're looking for alternatives to proper fitted shoes i.e. Clarks, start rite then my son with wide feet fits Bluezoo at Debenhams and TU at Sainsburies, we find both come up wide.

maybe starting?

Always had to go to Clarks and try all the Hs on my son and his big feet! They vary depending on the style, we never had any choice we were lucky if one pair would fit him.

My son has the same thing - we always end up buying Rhino shoes made by Startrite. We use our local independent shoe chain Charles Clinkards and they are excellent.

Same this end ... have to buy sons school shoes always from clarks and even then only one style will fit..
Always got trainers from Clarkes but again limited choice but now hes that bit older he wont been seen in Clarkes trainers !! We have had to try all different styles in named trainers ( none of which wide enough) eventually found adidas superstar were comfortable but had to go up an extra size for width but didnt seen huge in length like id have expected.
Good luck - such a misson oO

sketchers do wide

Try New Balance. The American company produce specialist footwear including trainers and shoes to correct orthopedic problems and has extra-wide fitting. Unfortunately many of their lines cannot be bought from their UK website, nor domestic stockists so the items must be specially ordered and shipped from the United States or ordered from Amazon US. Also Brooks, Asics, and Skechers produce wider fitting shoes, but again the issue with limited availability of stock in this country, even through their UK website.

My advice is google the manufacturers above, and see if there are UK stockists of their shoes in a particular style.

I cannot help with the wide fittings, but for the arches, I suggest you look at arch support insoles; at least then it is ONLY wide fittings you need to search, and not wide fittings WITH arch support.
I had a pair of special insoles I used for years after a misdiagnosed broken and dislocated ankle left my foot/ankle/leg swollen for 2 years.
(I am not saying it was badly swollen, but when the swelling suddenly went down, it equated to 2 shoe sizes and 10KG of weight loss!!)

Startrite - my sons had the same issue and we found Clarks never did fit.

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You are all wonderful, thank uou so mch

You're best to go to a childs independent shoe shop. We did the clarks, jones, startrite thing and they'd come out with maybe 2 or 3 boxes. Went to an independent one and they came out with about 11 boxes to try!

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wow thanks, will do
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