Where to buy capacitors?

Posted 26th Nov
Looking to repair my old Onkyo 806 which I replaced a few months ago. Looking online it seems to be a common issue and there are guides on how to repair ir. Seems to involve replacing 5 capacitors.

However i'm struggling to find these in the UK, maybe i'm looking for totally the wrong thing! The people that have compiled the guides say to use this part:

The new & better part is 493-2141-1-ND I bought mine from Amazon: amazon.com/exe…cti

However I can't seem to locate these in the UK. Any help greatly appreciated
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RS components also it’s free delivery
Unless they're something unusual then any electronics shop should stock then. RS are one of the biggest, but there are many nationally.

You would generally go by type (electrolytic/ceramic), voltage, capacity and mounting - as well as anything else relevant to the application like heat rating - rather than trying to match model number.

Are you sure the one you linked is correct? You generally wouldn't attempt to replace a surface mount component a few millimetres across without any experience.
Thank you everyone for your replies. I shall have a look at those.

@EndlessWaves - This was the guide I saw online where he stated which parts he used. There are also a couple of pictures at the bottom of hsi post - avsforum.com/for…tml
Flux or Regular??
Thems surface mounted, always tricky to remove. Careful you don’t pull the tracks off the printed circuit board.
Sc4mp026/11/2019 13:37

Flux or Regular??

got a link to the flux? i could do with one
Just got the joke!
They also have Nichicon, a slightly different model number UZD0G101MCL1GB
Not sure if the more expensive polymer (PCF0G101MCL1GS) would be an upgrade or not... much higher ripple capability and lower esr, but maybe not what the circuit needs - and not much point unless converting to "all solid" to avoid the aging of aluminium electrolytic
Luckyluke0226/11/2019 13:13

No images but RS do a …No images but RS do a fewhttps://uk.rs-online.com/web/c/?sra=oss&r=t&searchTerm=100uF+6.3x5.4+20%

I have an Onkyo 876 and had the HDMI issue.

Looking back at my sales email from Farnell August 2017.

Part Num. Qty. ordered Product description Mnfr Part #
2079166 15 EEUEB1A101S CAP, ALU ELEC, 100UF, 10V, RAD EEUEB1A101S

Been working ever since

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