Where to buy car fuses..?

Found 30th Nov 2007

Looking to buy a 20amp fuse for my car. (for the cigar lighter).. any ideas where I'd be best looking in my town centre..? I was thinking of B&Q or Focus, but they're quite a distance away from me.

Any ideas..?
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Halfords, always best bet for car stuff, or an independant
Not sure for definate but my Wilkinsons sells car bulbs and stuff so might be worth a shot
Poundland. You can generally get about 20 fuses in there for the price of 1 in Halfrauds :thumbsup:

Assuming you want blade fuses rather than the torpedo ones.
If you have a Boyes nearby, could try there..
Can also try Maplin if thats near you at all
Your local Petrol Station is bound to have some too ! :thumbsup:
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