Where to buy cheap gaming envelopes?

    hi people, i am looking to sell a few of my xbox 360 games and of course will be needing those brown padded envelopes to send them out in. Does any one know how much they cost or any cheap places to buy them? Or is there any alternatives to using them?

    Thanks for any help.



    Did you check your local pound shops? My local ones all sell cheap packaging materials (ie: 5 small, A5 sized, padded envelopes for £1).

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    Ok, Thanks.

    instore/poundstretcher have 6 for 99p. Padded jiffys. My poundland used to do 8 for £1 but not been there in ages now as instore is closer to my home!

    the 8 for a £1 poundland ones aren't quite big enough to hold a dvd case

    I have received games (DS) that have been wrapped in bubble wrap and then wrapped in brown paper, and they have been posted as a large letter and not a parcel - you can get free bubble wrap from the fuit and veg at supermarkets!


    the 8 for a £1 poundland ones aren't quite big enough to hold a dvd case

    ok i know i wont waste my time going back! the ones i used to get last year were, but since i moved at christmas i havent bought them since. 6 for a quid in instore is a winner tho, even got jiffy stamped on the back

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    oh that is really good news. I have an instore about 5 min walk from my house in scunthorpe. Will be sure to treck down there tomorrow.

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    just went to my local instore today and got 7 for 99p.
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