Where to buy genuine crest whitestrips supreme

Posted 5th Sep 2011
Is there anywhere online where I can buy genuine supreme ones? I think I want supreme because I have been told they are the strongest ones avaliable.

Are these for example real?

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I don't think that ever, in the entire history of the internet, has a website whose URL is the name of the product they sell been legitimate. The fact that no address is listed anywhere on the site is pretty telling, too, since it means they're either deliberately illegal, or accidentally working in breach of the Distance Selling Act, which says that by law, they must have an address listed. Ultimately though, I think the most damning evidence against them will arrive over the coming few hours or days, when the guys behind the site google their own URL, find this thread, and register a string of fake IDs to tell us all how amazing the service is. Really, it happens exactly like this all the time.
Few places on ebay
Theres loads on ebay, thats where I got my ones from, just search for "CREST SUPREME"

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I don't think you can buy them from the uk legit due to the high bleach content in them, I may be wrong but I bought some on eBay who was suspended eventually. I paid and almost instantly the seller disappeared, he then emailed me and said it was because of the high bleach content. I still received them and they were very good try eBay but buy from the US.
cheers ill get them from ebay. had seen them there but was scared of fakes again.
i bought from ebay and they were genuine
Had a wedding to attend a few months ago. After a good research online ~ Yes, did come across loads of crap/fake websites claiming to sell them!!!
I came across jgfowlers.co.uk. Ordered crest whitestrips from them, looks good and genuine to me.
Dentstore are very reliable. Ordered lots of times and they are delivered by courier.
I get them when I go on hol, they will never sell here too much bleach as posted above
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