Where to buy genuine Nike Air Max 95 trainer?

Found 7th Jan 2012

I am desperatley looking for places which sell genuine Nike Air Max 95 all black trainers. I can't seem to find any , the net is flooded with sites selling the fake ones!

I can order from Nike's website but the trainer comes to £140ish!
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You've answered the question.......cheap fakes or the real deal.
What size?

I love the style of these

Have you tried Footlocker, JD's etc?
Are you near any outlet shopping centres?

There is a Nike outlet shop at MacArthur Glen in Bridgend, Wales that I sometimes go to. It's hit or miss though with styles and sizes but you can get some items very cheaply.
Looking for Size 8, fluffyundacrakas.

I have checked JD, JJB , sportsworld, Footlocker. JD seems to have the closest match -
and costs £115. But the material used is textile-based. Not at all ideal for rainy days!

funny.onion, there is a Niketown on Oxford street. Is that the same as a Nike outlet shop?
I think Nike outlet is more like a clearance store where they get rid of end of season lines and old styles and all random sizes hence the cheapness. Kind of similar to TK Maxx. No the one on Oxford St is not an outlet store.

Do you have a link to the ones you're after?

Hope that helps in your search.
Is this them...

This is what I am looking for :

[image missing]

Sigh! £140 it is then!
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