where to buy Guess watches on offer? Ladies

    I was wanting to buy a ladies guess watch and looked about town but there is no offers on anywhere, so theyre all full price.
    anyone know of a site or place that has any on offer?
    I wanted one for about 50 or 60 ish, the one i really wanted! is 79, its white leather, and has a triangle on the face....

    Anyone know any dealios?
    many thanks!


    have you tried amazon or goldsmiths on line

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    yip 79 on goldsmiths
    amazon has it for 71 but the company thats selling it has some bad reviews about quality of good etc.
    i think i may be safer getting it in town for that purpose...

    An option, if you are happy to shop at Goldsmiths is to use Tesco Clubcard Vouchers. The only drawback is you have to spend £200+ in one transaction, but you get 4Xs the value of the vouchers, so for £50 of vouchers you can have a £200 watch, deal!

    Having looked on their website, the most expensive Guess watch is £165, so you would have to buy something else to make it up to £200+.

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    hey thanks for the reply
    i dont shop massively at tesco, not sure of my points - do i have to have a certain amount of points to do this option?
    what way would i go about this?

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    this may sound thick but can you buy club card vouchers?

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    hmmmmmmm ?
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