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Where to buy halal vinegar in UK for cooking ?

Posted 19th Apr 2015
Where to buy halal vinegar in UK for cooking ? I have been looking at Tesco, Sainsbury's etc... but there product information isn't really clear to me.

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I'm not Muslim

But research suggests there is mixed reviews from scholar to scholar suggesting its how they interpret it

But from this link despite the name any white wine or cider vinegar is fine, which they all sell, but not balsamic or red wine vinegar



Ingredients such as white wine vinegar and cider vinegar are permissible.

Vinegar is produced by two successive microbial processes. The first being an alcoholic fermentation (which is Haraam) and the second an oxidation of alcohol by aceto bacter, when it's molecular structure is changed and it ceases to be an intoxicant. Other varieties of vinegar are produced from beetroot, tarragon and alcoholic spirits. In vinegar the intoxicating factor is destroyed by the microbial process of oxidation hence it becomes permissible. Islam permits any variety of vinegar to be used as a condiment or preservative. (Muslim Food Guide - Page A26/27)
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Thanks mrwhitelabel.

I just finished with my 2 days research as well, I so far figured out Distilled white vinegar was what I after, going to get it from Tesco this afternoon hopefully.
Allah has put blessing in vinegar, for truly it was used by the Prophets before me.”
Narrated by Ayesha, Muslim and Ibn Maja
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