Where to buy official Samsung galaxy S2 Battery?

Found 7th May 2013

Would anyone know where I could get my hands on an official Samsung Galaxy S2 Battery? On the Samsung website they are currently sold out and I hear a lot of horror stories about people buying them and either getting knock off batteries delivered or an old battery that doesn't keep its charge well.

Any help is much appreciated.

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Carphone warehouse where selling them I think.
Cant seem to find them online. Was that instore?
Try contacting samsung? I had an issue with my old S1 and contacted them regarding the battery life and they sent me a new one no questions.
Otherwise try ebay & amazon. type in genuine/ OEM or original
ebay do them cheap
Have just tried to post a link but it has been flagged - They're on Amazon for around £20.

'Extended Life' battery and comes with a replacement back cover too, (I use an s2 and have it saved into my wishlist).
Op, my samsung galaxy note went for repair with a faulty charging port. As a result this knackered the battery so I had to buy a new one. I didn't want a cheap knock off but the samsung website was out of stock.

I tried samsung westfield Stratford and they were out of stock. In the end I bought my battery from phones4u:


It was a genuine samsung battery for the same price as what samsung were selling it at (£19). Highly recommend as you could be waiting for a long time for samsung to restock. I waited for about a month and got fed up of waiting lol.

Good luck!

I've looked at getting one for and friend and the cheapest I've found is this:


Its a genuine product as the serial number matches that on the original battery (EB/F1A2GBU)

Hope that helps
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