Where to buy "Old Fart" beer in West Yorkshire?

    Hi a colleague of mine is wanting to buy a bottle of beer called "Old Fart" and I said I was sure i'd seen it in local supermarket and would get him one. Of course, now I can't find it anywhere. As he only wants 1 bottle online is not really an option. Where can I buy it around Leeds- Morley-Dewsbury-Castleford-Pontefract areas please?


    try co op they have beers with funny names ,worth a look

    I'm pretty sure tesco have this


    there are loads of old farts in yorkshire

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    Tried Co-Op and Tesco but no luck, anyone else able to help?

    I'm sure my Dad buys that stuff - I think he gets all his odd-named beers and ales from Morrisons. I know I used to get Witchwood brewery stuff from them. Try one of the bigger Morrisons stores.

    This place might be worth a look:…tml

    Its on their list so maybe worth calling and seeing if they have it...

    Failing that the brewers (Merrimans) might be able to advise or even sell you a bottle - they are based in Leeds!…311

    Theres a shop in Knarsbrough that does literally TONS of this kind of stuff.

    Can't think of the name of it - but it's in the town square

    I'm sure Morrisons sell this, if not then try Asda they usually stock a good range of ales and beers.

    Failing that you could try popping into a local camra pub and asking if they have any bottles behind the bar or where you might get one.

    Happy hunting

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    Many thanks for all replies, contacted Knaresborough shop and apparantly they no longer make it! Goling to try brewery as last resort .
    rep added to all
    Ta Karen
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