Where to buy pedestal fan from

    As you know it's boiling hot and getting hotter, I really need to buy a pedestal fan.

    It seems like screwfix's £15 isn't in stock near Newbury, Berkshire.

    My only choice seems to be B&Q for £16.

    Can someone suggest anything better valued if possible please ? Thank you


    Argos value is good..

    Or have a look on Ebay

    Got a Tesco one for £16, pretty decent too.

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    Got a Tesco one for £16, pretty decent too.

    Really, which Tesco was it :), could you share bar code please

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    out of stock near me


    Really, which Tesco was it :), could you share bar code please

    ​Was a Tesco Extra, the sticker price was a normal one so was not on sale or a special offer, this was when we had our first mini heatwave this year.

    It has a cross base and just checked the website they don't have it to show but probably in store. Sorry can't be more help!
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    I've been to the range, currys, Argos x2, b&q, wilko.... All sold out!

    Out of stock everywhere. visited several superstores. lucky found in tesco gallions reach. even then the staff informed me. as new delivery only came in. replaced the 9' 12.99 straight away for 19' for £16
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    Costco had loads.


    ​Ha Ha, it says 100+ ordered in 48 hours. Not a chance they'll be any stock.

    There are loads in Tesco canal road in Bradford if anyone is still searching

    Hughes in Newmarket have some.

    I'm looking to pick up 2, was thinking screwfix but have a £7 off 50spend at Tesco. will work out £13 odd each that way with a few groceries
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