where to buy reconditioned sony camera's from

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Found 18th Jun 2009

my GF managed to drop our sony cybershot and it's knackered - it's around 6 years old so although expensive at the time probably isn't worth getting it repaired but just for a quote so we can decide who repairs these things?

It was 5.1 MP which is plenty - the new camera's seem to be 14MP but retail at the same price we paid for ours years ago - is there anywhere I'm likely to get an old cybershot from nearer to the broken model we already have - I'm not keen on a 2nd hand one but a recon would be fine if it comes with a warrenty.



Oh, buy a new one - not worth the cost the repair... probably.

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Is she dumped?

lol - nah not quite - it was kind of hers anyway - I got it for one of her birthdays years ago but it kind of turned into a family camera a while back.

actually thinking about it - I think I got it for her because I wanted one anyway - I don't remember her ever asking for one - lol

Argos on ebay sell some refurb sony cameras.

My sony cyber shot stopped working too a couple of months ago. Spoke to Sony and was going to cost £147 to get it looked at and repair. So bought new digital camera instead Samsung got 14 mega pixels and pictures are great. Get a new one I know the sony cyber were exp at the time we paid £250 for ours!!!

i have a 6.3mp fujifilm camera for sale. £40 delivered boxed etc.

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