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Hi i am heading off to Salou with the kids next Tuesday for a week, can anyone tell me the best place to buy tickets to theme park Port Aventura. Should i get on website before we go or do you get good deals once you get there ? Any advise on resort greatly appreciated

Thank you
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we bought ours from the hotel we were staying at - they did an offer buy a one day ticket get the 2nd day for free - the only catch was that you have to use the days consectively .. but stil a great offer. not sure if other hotels in salou have this offer we were at the H10 hotel in cap salou ... njoy
same as our hotel again in cap salou . But we borowed someone elses tickets who were staying at the hotel
I have been to Port Aventura twice (staying on a hotel on the complex)..

To be honest I was not that impressed with Salou town itself, lots of hotels and a big beach and not much else.

But Port Aventura theme park is amazing.

It is a HUGE park and you can easily spend more than one day in there (we went to the theme park every day because it was free but we still did not go on every ride and see every show).

According to the web site the week you are there park is open from 10.00 till 7pm during the week, but 10.00 till midnight on Saturday and Sunday.

Its great when it opens till midnight because most "day" visitors have gone and so most of the rides are fairly empty. They also did a midnight "show" (fireworks etc) when we were there which was well worth waiting up for.

There is a nice mixture of rides and shows in the park, so if you fancy a break from the rides you can watch one of the shows. The shows are at different times all over the park so study your timetable carefully to make sure you are in the right part of the park when a show is on.

Next to the theme park is a water park, and if the weather is warm enough it is well worth going in there as there are plenty of slides and flumes and lazy rivers (this costs extra).

Here is an aerial shot of the whole complex, with the theme park at the front, the water park on the right (not the big pool of water on the left).


Just behind the big pool of water on the left is the "main" Port Aventura hotel.

You can also see the other two Port Aventura hotels in the distance (the one on the left at the back with the coloured roofs, and the one on the right at the back, with the red slate roofs).

In fact they have just built a new "wild west" hotel but I dont think it is on this picture

we bought ours from the hotel we were staying at - they did an offer buy … we bought ours from the hotel we were staying at - they did an offer buy a one day ticket get the 2nd day for free - the only catch was that you have to use the days consectively .. but stil a great offer. not sure if other hotels in salou have this offer we were at the H10 hotel in cap salou ... njoy

Thanks mrcis, i looked on the official site but you seemed to have to buy family ticket for minimum of 4 days for £150, can you remember how much your tickets were ?
Here is a picture of the Port Aventura complex


A few hints about visiting the theme park.

The theme park is FIVE lands: Mediterrania, Far West, Mexico, China and Polynesia.

You enter the park in Mediterrania. This is mostly shops and restaurants, with one main white knuckle ride called Furius Baco.

You then have a choice of going round the park clockwise through Far West, Mexico, China then Polynesia.

Or anti-clockwise through Polynesia, China, Mexico then Far West.

As I said, the park is huge, and getting from the main Entrance to the back of the park in Mexico or China can take 15 minutes or more of walking. It is also fairly hilly in some places so can be rather tiring.

There are some large white knuckle rides like Dragon Khan

and Hurakan Condor

and Tutuki Splash

The park is brilliantly themed, and each land has been recreated in perfect detail

Here is Far West (Wild West land)

Here is China

I have been to theme parks in the UK and in Orlando and I have to say Port Aventura is one of the best I have been to.

The park itself is just outside the town (behind it). You dont say where you are staying so not sure how you are going to get there.

To council run little "land trains" round the town, and all of these pass Port Aventura (they run 3 or 4 different trains that go different routes).

Here is a pictuere of one (big picture so may take a time to load)

They charge about 3 or 4 Euros for each journey (you pay that each time you get on).

They are not that well numbered so make sure you get on the right train to take you back to the right part of Salou where your hotel is.

If you want to get an overview of the town, because they are circular route they are good to get on, pay your 3 or 4 Euros, then just stay on it till it goes all round the town and comes back to where you started.

As you have gathered, overall I am very impressed with Port Aventura, and even though we have already had 2 holidays there we would gladly have a third holiday there.

Let me know if you need more info.
Here is a fairly old picture of Salou.


Port Aventura is roughly under the word Salou in the top left (this picture was taken before Port Aventura was built).

Even though it is an old picture, I dont think the town had changed much from the picture.
We bought 2 adults and 2 kids 14 day tickets for around £200. That included 50% off Costa Caribe.

Take a look at: attractiontix.co.uk/por…asp
We went this year for the 2nd year running and have already booked to go back next year. We stayed at one of the Portaventura Hotels (Caribe) and had a wonderful time. Unfortunately I don't know how to buy cheap tickets but I do have 4 part used fast pass tickets (They told us they were valid all year and don't have an expiry date on them) that you can have for free...........they should get you onto;

Tutuki Splash, Dragon Khan, Stampida, Silver River Flume x 4, Tami Tami x 3 & Sea odyssey X 3. PM me your address and I'll post them today.........absolutely no charge as they were given to us as part of staying in the resort hotels!

You will have a fantastic time!
Worth checking Ebay, there is a bit of a rouse(sp) with the tickets.

If you buy a 14 day pass they do not have to be consecutive days so lots of people have bought the 14 day pass in the summer but they are still valid now, so they are selling them on with their unused days still on them, you can even buy them now and sell them again when you get back.

Family member did this in the summer holidays.

Not many on ebay atm, there were loads in the summer, maybe worth keeping an eye on.
we also went to the theme park on a saturday very quiet not much Qing for the rides
Just make sure you have a go on the Hurrakan Condor :-D

Oh my word, I've never paniced so much in my life on the way up :oops:
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