Where to buy used/cheap Textbooks?

    I will be studying my MA in library science at City University in September and was wondering if anyone on here happens to know a great site for deals on textbooks?



    I buy a lot of books from Amazon but TBH it is generally fiction I buy.
    No doubt text books will be a premium.

    Tbh im always saying this surely best place is uni. Last years students selling them on notice board/local shops etc. Also ebay worth checking if you serach then sort by postcode and see if you can find them local to either home or uni

    You could try a book swapping site, if you have any books you no longer want:
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    Which text books do you need?

    I use a lot - often settle for older editions for home back up/research and then use uni library if nec for the latest version. What course you are on will depend whether old editions are valid or not however....

    This site also helpful
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