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    I'm staying in London for a few nights in August & I'm looking at getting some wicked tickets for the Mrs, just wondering where the best place to buy them is, had a quick look online & they seem to be on the expensive side. Can you get better deals buying direct from the theatre ect?


    I don't think Wicked ever gets really discounted (unless you're buying bad seats, maybe). Unfortunately it's very popular and never seems to be discounted at the usual places (tkts etc.). Your best bet might be to look on Travelzoo or other travel agents that combine tickets with dinner and hotel - if you need a hotel and definitely want to go to Wicked, you might get a free-ish dinner out of it or something like that.

    Whats your budget

    Yep, Wicked is seldom discounted. Got our tickets 18 months ago through Amazon. It's a really great show, particularly the first half, and we all enjoyed it immensely. If you go during a quiet week, out of school holidays etc, you can most often buy tickets from the box office on the day at a discounted price. There isn't any guarantee you'll get decent seats like this though.

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    I've already booked hotel ect, other theatre shows I've seen have cost between £20-40 per ticket but looking at Wicked it seems as if it £60+ for a half decent seat seems a tad pricey?

    go see book of mormon! best show ever

    When i went to see it, we went during week on a non school holiday week. We just got our tickets from one of the sales stalls near Leicester square. We got the 65 quid tickets for 40 quid and they were nice seats.

    But then we tried again a year later on school holidays and no chance at that price.

    Best advice, go mid week for discount when kids are in school.

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    Many thanks for your replies, unfortunately it's during the summer hols while we're in London, I'd glady see another show I just know my wife really wants to see Wicked, I'll have to keep my eyes peeled and see what comes up
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