Where to buy wide bodied 44mm vertical blind track carriers?

    2 of the hanging pegs have broke from the track carriers. Anybody know how to replace them without removing the track carriers and also where to buy them? They are the push and click fittings not the slide from the side ones. If I can't do this I will have to buy the full track carriers and replace but not sure how it's done or where to buy them as they are the rarer 44mm type. I have found 1 seller on eBay that's all. Any advice much appreciated.


    Post the eBay page so people can see what you are after
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    Post the eBay page so people can see what you are after

    Good point, cheers.…608?nav=WATCHING_ACTIVE&skus=CARRIERS:10|LINK%20SIZE:127%20mm&varId=670665447949

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    getmeone good?

    These are the slimline tracks, the ones I'm looking for are 40mm and fit in a 44mm track.
    Thanks anyway.
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