Where to buy wood....

    Hi all

    I need to buy some 5ft x 5ft plywood but I need it delivered as my car won't hold this - do you know of any stores that would do this - i've checked homebase and B&Q and neither of them offer wood on their website.




    contact your local timber merchant. depending on what you buy, 1 sheet £8 approx spend more than £50 usually free no DIY stores ,delivery by them is a rip off

    check yellow pages or phonebook for local merchant

    5'x5' is a strange size. Stock sheet materials are normally 8'x4' (2440x1220)
    I would think you would have to join the ply to get that size. Difficulty is that trade wood yards only sell 8x4 and you would need 2 sheets and alot of waste.
    Diy stores sell smaller sizes, 4x2, 6x2 and 8x2 but again you would have to join but may get smaller sizes in your car.

    What thickness you need, 6,9,12 or 18mm, what job is it for?

    Just nipdown to your local builders merchants - they should delvier if within a 5 mile radius for free !

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