Where to direct a PPI claim for a Dorothy Perkins store card

Found 4th Jul 2012
I am just in the process of trying to reclaim PPI from a couple of places. I am a little stuck with where to direct my Dorothy Perkins store card claim. It was underwritten by GE money at the time.

Who should I be sending my complaint to? If anybody could find the appropriate address I would be very grateful.

Also for these types of claims do you NEED to have the account and PPI account numbers? I have 3 different claims to make and that means 3 lots of fees if I have to get all the info from the companies.

Thanks in advance for any help, just off to the gym so not being ignorant if I don't relpy straight away!
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Will post an answer in a bit - just off to the gym so not being ignorant if I don't reply straight away!
Thanks for being so helpful....or not!

Thanks for being so helpful....or not!

"I'm off to the gym - sort this out for me before I get back".
in general, I have binned all of my correspondance from companies that I have had loans with, credit cars etc in the past. What is the best way to ascertain who they were and then what process do you generally go through to claim back the PPI. I have obviously searched for this and have found the letters to send etc.
But, what if yyou cant determine who the companies were?
Just sent it to Dorothy Perkins head office, they will know what to do with it
long gym session today
thanks gbspurs
oh thanks for the mocking btw from the other just for trying to explain why i wouldnt reply asap!
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