Posted 27th Dec 2022 (Posted 23 h, 20 m ago)
Feel a bit embarrassed to ask this but I’ve traded in my old iPhone for a new one.I received the box to post the old iPhone back to them and the label has a UPS standard label attached to it so I’m assuming I take it to a ups drop off point.It’s an expensive item therefore I don’t want to get it wrong as I was about to drop it off at the post office 😬
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    presumably they would have sent you instructions to advise what to do, such as take to UPS point or phone UPS to collect. if not, phone the place you dealt with and ask them
    Oddly enough there were no specific instructions on where to drop it off from Apple
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    Alternatively you can drop it off at your local UPS Depot.

    Just be sure to get proof of drop off. They'll give you a little slip that acts as your receipt. Keep this handy until you've been paid out for the trade-in.
    That’s what I might have to do I think.Thanks
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    I wonder what would happen if there was some form of delay in sending it? Just saying, if Apple were all that concerned they would get in touch with you, this time with more explicit instructions on how to return. I'm a little surprised they did not collect your old one at the same time they delivered the new. I suppose that was too easy.
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    A UPS label would only be accepted by a UPS service provider. Why would you go to the post office which only works with Royal Mail?
    I think Post offices accept other courier providers such as DHL
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