Where to find best deal on a Lenovo ThinkPad X300?

    Many thanks (and rep) for tips on good deals on the ThinkPad X300 laptop from a reputable dealer. Cheers.


    Hi, I haven't got a deal but.....

    I did have a Lenovo X41 notebook. Whilst that was good, their customer service is diabolical. When it arrived faulty (would not even turn on!) it took me 2 months to arrange for it to be taken back (postage at my expense). It since broke again and they refused point blank to repair it under warranty as they say it was water damaged, it definately was not. They wanted £60 to quote the repair bill which I would have had to pay whether or not I got it fixed. They gave me two weeks to decide and whilst I was in the middle of a dispute with them as to who should foot the bill, it turned up on the doorstep! I'd never buy from them again. *phew!*

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    @Banana79: Thanks for sharing your experience. I have heard of similar issues with Lenovo. I have always gone with ThinkPads over the years (including work laptops), and still think that they are the best made / designed laptops around. I've got a T60 Widescreen at home, and now need a lighter one for travel. If only Lenovo got their support and warranty policies more user-friendly, I'd love them more! :roll:
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