Where to find inspiration for decorating?

    Just moved house and my creative ability is on par with one of John Virgos Wastecoats.

    Anyone know a site where I can plan the look of my room with colours and furniture etc? (Have tried Ikea but its not exactly what I need)


    with Dulux you can use a virtual rooms, and choose one vaguely similar to your own room. Then you can drag different colours onto the walls, skirting board etc.

    There are other sites where you can upload your pics, or design your room in 3D, but the only ones I've seen you have to pay.

    Good Luck
    P.S The best advice for choosing colours is definitely choose from the colour wheel so you know the colours will be in harmony.

    Forgot to give you the link for Dulux...…=-1

    go through this link…up/ to get 3 issues of ideal home magazine for only £1, plus you get £4.80 cashback which means £3.80 profit! they have loads of ideas to suit all bdgets (i've only had one month of it so far) so its decent value! remember to cancel direct debit after 1st payment though!

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    Cheers for the advice, will give it a go..

    was just going to recommend ideal home as my girlfriend got the £1 trial subscription and the mags are full of great ideas!

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    Cheers all, just ordered!

    Break into your neighbours house. If you like their ideas take - sometimes literally. :pirate:

    Just kidding

    If your neighbours are sociable types call in and have a chat with them about what troubles they've had decorating - literally it is the only sure way to find out things that could cause you nasty surprises. (bad plaster / unusual wiring, etc.) And who knows maybe you can recommend HUKD to them!

    This is provided you haven't bought this

    In which case your neighbours are probably 5 miles away

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    lol :-)
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