Where to find NeoGamma - Wii help needed

    Am trying to play Wii Sports Resort but am getting 002 error. Have discovered i need to upgrade from Gamma launcher to NeoGamma, i've tried searching for it but can't find it anywhere. Lots of threads about it, but not the actual thing.

    Once i eventually find it is it a case of replacing the gamma launcher file on the SD ard for the new NeoGamma file?

    Thanks if anyone can help


    just replace the files and reinstall the launcher and wads

    i think i used wii softmodding for dummies, its on a torrent

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    Join Then use this link: … Join Then use this link:

    Thanks for that, got it loaded on and now i get error #001, any ideas?

    Try patching your wii to IOS 249, then before burning the image, use IOSPatcher to patch the game to 249 and then run wiiur to remove any updates within the game. So far I haven't had any games that wouldn't work.

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    I think my IOS is 249, at the bottom of the NeoGamma it says

    NeoGamma R5, IOS249 (Rev13)

    That sound about right?

    Will try using IOSPatcher, thanks again
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