Where to from Talktalk?

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Found 1st Jul 2008
i've been with talktalk for about a year and i've had enough of them... just internet and phone(including linerental) is approx. £35-40 a month.
now i got HDTV and looking for some extra channels other than Freeview channels ...

what should i switch to? sky, virgin, tiscali, bt or just stay with talktalk?
these are important to me;

*Channels that have comedy (sitcoms) and drama (prison break, lost etc..)
*Fast Internet (8mb preferably)
*Unlimited Usage
*Free Calls to UK landlines and mobile.
*£30-£35 max per month (including line rental)
*No hidden or extra charges for calls or broadband or anything..

please help me find the right place.. thanks.


Hi we were with talktalk for a couple of years and when we moved we decided to go to Virgin as there is cable to our new house.
We rang Talktalk to cancel and it was a nightmare, they would not listen to what we had to say I had been on hold to them for 40mins for them to tell me my husband needed to cancel it. They said they would put a note on the account with our moving date and to ring on the day to be disconected. When the moving day arrived they would not cancel it, they passed my husband to 3 different people on 3 different numbers all trying to convince us not to cancel. After he had been on for 50mins I ended up ringing from my mobile while he was on hold waiting on the home phone and believe it or not the answered to me first and 75mins later my husband blew his top and told them we had given them notice and we were cancelling the direct debit. Luckily that was the end of it. So be prepared...

We are now with Virgin, I know some people have had problems but I can honestly say we have been with them for 6 month and they have been great. We have Anytime phone (which is always free to landlines for up to 59mins per call) and we got there Medium TV package for free, we added the internet and we pay around £28 per month for all 3. Bill is usually around the £35 mark due to the odd mobile and 0845 no's we call.

Hope this helps, good luck with Talktalk

Original Poster

anyone else with other ideas?

defo virgin or tiscali

For the new series of programmes such as lost and prison break you will need the sky 1 channel which is only available direct though sky. They have some good prices, and talk to an online advisor or phone them and you'll get a free sky + box if you're lucky. Check out the sky website.
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