Where To Get a Battery "True" MaH Checker/Tester?

    Just seen a great review video for a torch - and the guy plugs his "4200mah" batteries into a little device and it tells him how much juice is left (like normal "2 testers") but also, the true MaH value/capacity of the battery.

    Its a digital display one - but looking for every combination of "battery mah checker/tester" is getting me no where.

    Can anyone help?

    Review is here - and in the video it appears at 2:26…7SU


    just google xtar vc2

    I have the Xtar VC 4 (holds four cells of either NiMH or Li-Ion) which cost me about £22 and it is a superb bit of kit.

    those dont show the capacity - they show how much you have added
    so if it was 2000mah and you added 100mah to top it up to max of 2100mah then it would only show 100mah
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