Where To Get: A Genuine Chanel 2.55 Handbag

I have promised my girlfriend one of these for her birthday, but sooo many fakes, and actually quite hard to find, im not clued up at all on these things.

After a black one only


I would of thought places like selfridges or Harvey nickels would be worth a try. I know the Manchester selfiges has a channel section.

Hope you got a fair bit cash available,they quite expensive.
Would only buy from somewhere like Harrods etc,don't even know what this design you state is exactly like if there a waiting list for the item etc.



A department store or actual Chanel outlet, someone authorised to sell them, no where else as you won't be able to guarantee whether you are getting the real deal or not:thumbsup:


Probably be over £1000 or so then,be very surprised if less.


Yeah you are looking at a lot of cash, wow high maintenance gf!

Original Poster


Yeah you are looking at a lot of cash, wow high maintenance gf!

Dont I just know it!

If its a grand...I will be happy!

there is a site hat sells designer stuff priced slightly lower than stores etc- its such a popular site..begins with 'K' perhaps? any ideas, anyone?..i'm baffled..

if the bag is £1000

grab a cheap return flight to italy

buy it and come back

then give her it!

will cost say 150 for a flight but ur talking 40% saving on the bag itself!
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