Where to get a job lot of cheap USB flash drives?

Found 11th Feb 2015
Does anyone have any suggestions where would be best to buy a bulk buy a load of (older) USB flash drives? I'm after no more than 1GB capacity (preferably 512MB) and am looking for around 50 to 60 units, dependant on price really. If I can get an 8GB for £3 from Ebuyer at the moment I'd love to pay well under £1 a piece, in fact at around 30p each I'd take a hundred. I had hoped that there must be someone who got landed with a batch of 256 or 512MB drives and can't get rid of them. Thanks for any replies.
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Its probably best to look at marketing sites or custom print places.
tbh anything sub 4gb in a flash drive is pretty hard to find and sub 1gb is next to impossible to find new.
a few weeks back i needed the same thing as you for putting a pdf film on to give away at a business fair. I bought 100 from this seller - http://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/USB-2-0-Interface-Type-High_60042777990.html?s=p

It took 12 days for delivery but they worked out at 65p each delivered. They all worked and I didn't have a single problem. Hope this helps
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