Where to get a keyless car key from?

Posted 24th Nov
I've lost my keyless car key.
the dealer will most likely be expensive
Can anyone recommend cheaper places?
we're in Manchester

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Make of car?
If it's keyless with push button, only the dealer will supply and program a new remote.
Check your car insurance policy as some cover lost or stolen car keys.
Look on eBay. Plenty of locksmiths on Google. Just search locally and call them in morning for. Quote.
Or try these as they will allow different companies to bid for it.
You don't need to go main dealers as you will end paying twice the price.
Phew! For a moment I thought you had lost your keyless key car.

When I do that, they are invariably in the last place I look.
I suggest you try there.
Getting a fob is one thing, getting it programmed to your car is another thing entirely!
Just so everyone knows if you only have one key & want a spare I found you can get copies from timpson.co.uk/ for about £40 at any branch they have.

Obviously I doubt they can help if you have lost your one & only key.
How did you lose your key, did it involve alcohol?
It's a Nissan, I'll check timpsons and that. Thanks
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