Where to get a replacement DVD case cheap?

    Bought a DVD for my mum for Christmas and had a problem with the case being broken so returned it and had a new one sent out which had the same problem. Can't be bothered to be sat on hold again forever so does anyone know where I can get a single 4 disc DVD case from

    6 Comments used to be good for that sort of thing

    Pound shops usually have them.

    Nip to a charity shop if there is one near you? They normally have some spares, if they don't then you can always buy a cheapo DVD from them and use that case?

    If you was close by I'd give you one free of charge - check freecycle for your area (most get thrown away because they have little value




    Pound shops usually have them.

    A 4 disc case?

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    Found one on ebay for £1.50 so sorted now thanks for your help
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