Where to get astroturf trainers/football boots for 3 year old with wide foot and high instep?

Found 25th Jun 2010
Hi, I hope someone can help. My son has started a football club (he is mad keen at football) and at the very least needs some astroturf shoes to play in.

I have now been to several large sports shops like JJB - could not find anyone with much knowledge about shoes/boots. Been to clarks and none of the astro turf shoes are any good as his instep is too high so the velcro straps are too short round the front and the shoes badly marks his feet even when he wears football socks.

Deos anyone have any idea as to where I could get some suitable shoes/boots for him? He is a size 8H. Thanks very much
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Hope you can find some - my middle son has wide feet and tends to have to avoid Nikes and some adidias styles as they can be very narrow fitting. Try Umbro's as he can usually find something to fit (tend to be wider fitting) but our local SportsDirect and JJB Sports seems to have a better range than yours. It's a total pain though, I've been there many times, especially when they go through a growth spurt and you suddenly need a new pair after 6/8 weeks. Good luck :thumbsup:
I just found it really difficult full stop buying football boots for my son at that age as they tend to only start in toddler size 10 in many places. I actually had to give up looking for studded ones. Good luck x
oh and make sure you take some footie socks with you when trying them on as the reinforced sole can often add a full size on ;-)
Without sounding rude at 3 he does not require any special footwear like astros or boots.
What he needs is a good pair of trainers that will fit him well. Whilst you pay over the odds Clarks should be able to fit him and i know some of their trainers look quite like astros now anyway with adidas type stripes etc.
At 3 however good his coordintation is I doubt an astro would help at all. For the next few months i presume he will be on grass. Surely the other 3 year olds arent wearing astros. If they are just getting any off a shelf they could be doing more harm than good.
Hope you get sorted out its lovely watching them at that age. They are like little sheep all running for the ball at the same time.
Clarks do them but agree with goofey's girl they don't need astros or boots they are not doing elaborate turns on wet muddy pitches.
"Whilst you pay over the odds Clarks should be able to fit him and i know some of their trainers look quite like astros now anyway with adidas type stripes etc."

Unfortunately he can't as the velcro straps at the tops of the shoes do not seem to be long enough.

Having watched him today I agree they don't really need them yet - it is very tame stuff at this age so will just keep looking for new trainers.

It is very cute watching them all I agree.

Thanks all.
Try looking on sports direct website, got a pair of nike total 90 for my two year old a few weeks ago.
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