Where to get black and white photographic film developed?

Found 23rd Nov 2009
I just found like 6 old b&w films in my attic from my old slr days (well old as been about 5 years ago) and want to get just the film developed (not prints) im not sure if anything will come out of them as they have passed their sell by date but would love to give it a go if I got it done somewhere relatively cheap.


Film past its sell by date usually still develops, developed some 4 year old film in the past ok.
Tried [url]www.yell.com[/url] and looked for a local camera store in your area?

how about asking on your local freecycle coffee group and see if there is anyone with a dark-room locally who would just have a looky for you? worth a try?


a few high st / online places should do it, shouldnt they? Loads of people still use 35mm SLR cameras.

go to local college they have black and white darkrooms set up

Yeah I do photography - We have our own Darkroom set up at college - We'd be more than happy to get a chance to develop some film's - We very rarely get a chance to get a good session in the dark room during lesson.

thought it said pornographic film

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