where to get gillette fusion power razorblades??

    in boots 8 are for £18.99!!!!!!!!

    thanks in advance


    i take it your looking for the blades as opposed to the actual razor, if so boots always expensive i bet tesco and asda be around 14/15 quid w/o me even looking ,

    wow i am surprised as thats expensive for 8 but asda same price although until 31/12/2008 according to teh web they doing 2 4 packs for £18 quid

    they had some in wilkinsons

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    they had some in wilkinsons

    online or do i have to go instore?

    they was instore well in my local (harlow) essex on saturday


    ]Gillette Replacement Blades have 12 for £20 incl delivery

    them prices are fab have you used that site b4??

    gillete fusion handle and 6 blades were on offer for £7.74 tesco instore, not too bad, not power tho, but you could probs use the blades on a power razor, as the gel seems to come off very quickly on the manual blades

    Just beware of fake blades if you decide to ever go down the ebay route. I bought fakes once and it was obvious from the first use that they were. After some research I found out that all genuine Gillette blades have a serial number on them. ]INFO HERE


    Manual blades available on Amazon 8 for £10.90…d_2


    them prices are fab have you used that site b4??

    used them and quick delivery (they're only over the bridge from me)......still got loads of blades, ordered far too many or not shaved as frequently :oops:
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