Where to get replacement non-prescription sunglasses lenses?

Posted 24th Apr
The frames are old-ish, so there are no direct spares.

Polarisation is nice but not essential, thin lenses even less so as the shape isn't particularly flat anyway.

thesunglassfix.eu looks perfect, with one exception: they're in Australia and it's possible I'll get dinged by import charges when the frames are posted back. They call it "unlikely", but who knows.

I'm really struggling to come up with anywhere that isn't a lot more expensive, usually drastically so.

It doesn't have to go too high before buying all over again is better, albeit wasteful when the frames were expensive.
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deleted120438324/04/2019 13:54

Some options here, from £26. https://www.new-sunglasses-lenses.com/

Not bad. I'm puzzled as to why polarisation is frequently £40 plus, the Australian place only charges £12. Being wraparound is another £25. Doesn't take much to start stacking up, I'm still not sure it's particularly viable for anything but particularly valuable frames.
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