Where to get the best deals on house stuff? I need a fridge, washing machine etc

Found 18th Jan 2007
Hi All

I move into my new house on Saturday 27th and I need to buy some appliances. I need a fridge-freezer, microwave and washing machine to be precise.

My girlfriend wants the microwave and fridge to be silver to match the kitchen.

We need somewhere that can deliver by the 27th if possible so they're ready for when we move in.

We would like to spend around £250 on the fridge, £300 on the washing machine and £50 on the microwave.

Does anyone know of any good deals at the moment or how we can get the best prices?

We would also appreciate advice regarding manufacturers/suppliers to avoid or any positive experiences etc.

Thanks in advance



There is a very good forum on white goods with lots of advice from repair engineers. UKWhiteGoods

Avoid Beko, yes they are cheap but they are cheap for a reason. I have had to replace so many Beko washing machines it's uncredible how they make a profit!!!


The Hotpoint Ultima series are good for this price, just £279 delivered is worth looking at. Has some nice silver touches too. 7kg load and 1400 spin speed (1600 would have been nice which I can find cheaper but not in the Ultima range). I can point you to a lot cheaper washers if you wanted, some full silver ones too.

Original Poster

Thanks K - Will ahev to have a search through ukwhitegoods.com. Just need to find the time!

That Hotpoint also looks good beerman - thanks for that. I'll run it past the girldfriend as it's a definite possibility.

I know this Microwave is a little bit over your budget but I have the model down and it's the best Combi Microwave I've had:-

£64.99 from Aldi.


A cracking little 3-in-1 cooker with an elegant stainless steel housing that can grill, bake and microwave.
[*]900W Microwave
[*]1200W Grill
[*]Maximum 1400W Convection Oven
[*]Capacity: 25 litres
[*]10 power levels
[*]Defrost function
[*]LED display
[*]Child lock
[*]Rotary glass tray
[*]Stainless steel grill rack[/LIST]]http//uk…om/


Avoid Beko, yes they are cheap but they are cheap for a reason. I have … Avoid Beko, yes they are cheap but they are cheap for a reason. I have had to replace so many Beko washing machines it's uncredible how they make a profit!!!

I bought a Beko fridge freezer from Currys. It was a lot cheaper than comparable models, and as long as it lasted a year or two I wasn't bothered.

8 years later - still got it, still works.

Big difference between a washer and a fridge mate. I have never installed a Beko fridge before, in fact I have never even seen a Beko fridge, lol. And I hope yours works for the next 30 years or so.

As for Beko washing machines, the amount I have to go back to and take away is just a bit silly. Of course you get good ones, as in everything, but overall they are a very poor product.

Try which online free trial. It worked for me. You put it all your requirements (price, loads size etc) and they suggest some tested products. Then after your free month is up cancel the contract!:)


my beko fridge freezer is still going strong after 7 years so it must just be their washing machines that arent very good



9 / 10 things for our new kitchen were cheapest on there, plus their customer service is excellent :thumbsup:

I have found co-op electrical shop really good. I have bought a good price washing machine from them and I am just about to buy a fridge freezer from there as well. They do 'rapid delivery' on most items and you can choose which day they deliver.



these are very good prices compared to Comet, Curys etc...

If you want quality and reliability I'd recommend Bosch....a little more expensive but worth it IMO

If you live anywhere near the west midlands try comet clearance they do top brands like hot point but may have a small dent on them. Or argos clearance they sell alot of cheap house stuff.

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Thanks for all your help everyone. Using everyones links etc we've decided on the following: -

Samsung Fridge Freezer

Bosch Washing Machine

Sharp Microwave...

Can you tell my girlfriend got her way with all the silver ;-)

nice choice Greg

Shop around...then order it from john lewis!

They will price match, add a nice 2+ year guarantee and deliver for free..

Edit - not so useful now uve chosen, ah well i tried!!
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