Where to get this trampoline spare part

Posted 29th Mar

Our kids trampoline (8ft plum) has broken top part where it holds the enclosure on the top (pic attached).

Can you please tell me what is this part called ? Where can I find it ?

Thanks a lot !!
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It'll probably be a "proprietary fit" part for that particular manufacturers model - therefore not a universal part you just buy anywhere. Is it not temporarily fixable? Botch job perhaps until you can source? I'm the sort of person that can make anything work if I REALLY need it to but I know not everyone can do that. Perhaps try the manufacturer if you can - an Email with your picture attached, maybe? Not the best time at the moment of course...

Stay safe & well. Regards, Phsy.

Is the above the manufacturer? Not sure how you get your "Tramp" product code - perhaps it's on a plate or something on the base? If not, use the "Spare Parts Finder" section, which guides you through a series of questions to indentify your model and displays available parts.

What has actually broken? Is it one of the wings at the side - so the enclosure doesn't stay up now?
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Not sure at all but I would guess something like trampoline net enclosure cap or connector(confused)
Have a look around ebay?
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