where to go abroad with kids

    What would people recommend for a nice holiday abroad for 2 adults 2 children aged 3 and 9.I would like to book for next year so we have something to look forward to.We obviously would like good weather but whats the best time to go so the heat is not too intense especially for the little ones.Thanks for any sugestions we just dont want to pick somewhere where the kids are going to get bored quick


    Salou in spain is good. Especially in early season as a bit cheaper too. Loads of flights to Reus airport a few miles away & a great themepark nearby called Portaventura - smashing for the nippers.

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    nice one mate ill have a look into that who do you book with when you go

    we havejust come back from la pineda costa dorada just down the road from salou, it was lovely weather was great which is more than i can say for here we booked through tompsons and got ymy 3 year old a free child place we stayed at the golden donaire and to say the hotel is on the beach well blimey the sand might as well have been in your room it was great not to busy but enough to do waterpark right their and a 10 minute bus ride to salou oh and the hotel was half board as well so not much spending required, we are definatley going to go back.

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    sounds really nice, whats a good price to look for did you go for a week

    I booked with teletext holidays last time. think the site is [url][/url]
    They're resaonable with the prices & they do good all inclusive deals which is even better with children cos of free icecreams etc - saves you a fortune.

    They are part of the Co-op travel group. They also deal under Hello Holidays.
    If you've got teletext on your tv ( the old style not digital ) they are on ITV page 277, - i was looking at it this morning. I think its the same number on digital teletext as well.

    One point - if you do choose Salou - one hotel we stayed in once was Molinos Park in a resort called Cap Salou. Nice hotel but full of English Jeremy Kyle-heads on the razz. Fights nearly every night so its always worth specifying you want a family friendly hotel. The one we had before was the Royal Salou which was much better & cheaper as well if im right.
    You get good deals on the theme park by buying in advance off their website as well - do a google under port aventura, salou & you'll find it no probs. It's a warner bros cartoon based theme park.

    good Luck


    we went 24th june 1 week and it cost 670 for the 3 of us obviously little one was free but as i said all half board and the food was lovely i cannot beleive what a great holiday it was normally i find something to moan about lol, we flew from luton as bham was going to cost us 820 so i guess i could moan about that but parking at luton if you park at the station and pre pay it cosst you £24 for the week

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    ill take look cheers for that

    you get salou cap salou then la pineda on the drop offs so they are all really close but i would say la pineda just because of location

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    was there a fridge in the apartment sounds stupid but we didnt have one in turkey we went abroad 10 years ago lol

    I've never been to Madeira but it sounds nice. Not too far down so a short flight time, and not too hot from what i've heard.

    alcudia in mallorca is very nice and resonable priced,loverly beaches,funfair ,waterparks etc
    i have been too salou last year and didnt like it as it is dirty and smelly

    I too was going to recommend Alcudia. We are going back again this year, went 4 years ago and would highly recommend it. Beach is fab! We stayed at the Jupiter Hotel, a bit like a butlins holiday as full of brits but was easy with the kids.

    Germany, Black Forest, it is beautiful.

    French Alps, Log Cabin very cool.

    Romania's Transylvania, the Carpathian mountain range is awesome and you can spend 2 nights in Count Dracula's castle, the kids will love it.

    I'm normally a walking talking advert for Cyprus but it is scorching (40 degrees now) so this time i won't lol.

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    does everyone book a year in advance etc or is it better to wait for late deals, also do any travel places let you go in and pay say £40 a week as long as you pay before its due

    For August, we generally start looking Decemberish, then make a final decision and book in January/February as there are some good prices to be had at that time.

    If you leave it too late you run the risk of either paying loads or there being nothing at all.

    Most holidays will require a deposit at the start, then the rest 8 weeks before the holiday.

    we have been to Sa Coma on the west coast of Majorca, normally stay in a thomson super family hotel,
    it's great for the kids clubs and entertainment, if you want it.
    the beach is fab and really clean, and lots of places of interest to visit. have been going for past 5 years and planning to go in August, depending on flights.
    also paphos in cyprus is wonderfull, but really hot this time of year.

    Would also recommend Salou, we've been a few times and stayed at the Port Aventura resort in the Hotel El Paso and it's fab, great for kids (and adults). We went with First Choice and they are half board with a good choice of food. Also included in the price is entry to the theme park everyday of your trip and depending on when you go you either get daily entry into the waterpark or if in summer holidays I think you only get 2 per week but you probably wouldn't want to go much more anyway. The theme park is similar to Alton Towers and they have Universal characters such as Woody & Winnie Woodpecker, Pink Panther, Betty Boop, Popeye etc to have photos with and these also make it to a couple of breakfasts at the hotel.

    Great value for half board and your tickets and the weather's normally good too. There's a shuttle bus from the hotel to the beach but you can walk it in around 20 minutes, or about 30 if you've got small kids like us. HIGHLY recommended as great for kids and relaxing for adults if you want too as there is a huge hotel pool and small shallow kids pool if you just want a chilling day.

    last month i started looking for myself and my 10 yr old son and prices were £ 1,000 for the 2 of us - i booked this week 2 weeks to Kefalonia in greece for under £ 400 bed and breakfast - and that included insurance and credit card payment charges - so id say wait until 2 weeks before and start checking out dates until you get the price you like


    was there a fridge in the apartment sounds stupid but we didnt have one … was there a fridge in the apartment sounds stupid but we didnt have one in turkey we went abroad 10 years ago lol

    not in the hotel no, as it was half board i have found that you only tend to get fridges on a self catering holiday, however they have air conditioning, but i found that our pops and chocolate didnt go warm or melt forsome strange reason even though outside was hot.
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