where to go from here?!?!

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Found 22nd Aug 2010
currently unemployed

bit of background

left school with decent gcse's, did A levels and flopped them (think D,E and U lol) then left college doing odd jobs that didnt last for more than a year each one

ive done data entry, retail sales, parcel sorting and working in a fast food joint, not the best of jobs to be honest and dont really bode well on a CV

now after taking a holiday abroad im starting to look for jobs again but to be honest with my experience and qualifications im not sure what job i can aim for or even get

anyone in a similar situation advise me a little?

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  1. Misc

try applying to be an optical advisor in an opticians
or maybe even apply to be a dispensing optician to unis.
You may be lucky enough to get some on hands training to becoming a dispensor and places like specsavers in time hire no qualified experienced dispensers.

how old are you if you don't mind me asking?

maybe get some volunteering under your belt, this will fill out your cv

then get further training from the jobseekers people.......unfortunate time to be looking for employment with your skills

raf.mod.uk/car…rs/ I joined these and it was a fantastic 7 years of my life.

McDonalds are always hiring, you can aim for the 'stars' there too.

You could "run misc". I hear the pay is very good.


Are you claiming Jobseekers allowance? In my area (Sheffield) they have schemes where people on JSA can work and get paid but tjhe people who run the scheme pay them (not sure what it's called). We've had a few people this way and it's had very positive results. Might give you an opportunity to try something if they do this near you.
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