Where to go in Middlesbrough & surrounding area with a 2 year old...

Found 28th Jul 2009
Hi guys,

We have a 2 year old and looking for places to take him where he can interact with animals, run about, all the things that will keep him happy for 5 minutes lol.

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Could always go and see the Hartlepool Monkey! :thumbsup:
Another vote for butterfly world, although I'm not too sure how long it would keep a 2 year old entertained for!

Do you not have any farms that are open down there. In Sunderland we have ]Down At The Farm, presumably there are similar ones around the country?
preston park and take a picnic! x

and a ball..........
there is a place just off the a66 about 5mls up from scotch corner heading west from middlesborough,
prob about a 30 mile journey if you can manage that, only driven past it but range of animals in field is really entertaining, they got a two humped camel thingy recently
take them to coubly farm.

go straight out of the roundabout from tesco in coubly newham think its first right but its signposted. there are horses and other farm animals

or you could come round mine for a cuppa and ive got a rabbit your kid could throw around
theres Newham Grange Leisure Farm at Coulby Newham , natures world on ladgate lane , butterfly world at preston park where you can get extremely close to some meerkats just dont touch em
Thanks all, was looking at butterfly world, but like you say will it keep him happy for more than 5 mins.

All good suggestions, :thumbsup:
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