Where to Go In Paris (21-24 August)

Group of Four young people going in Paris and staying in the outskirts. Interested mainly in family type activities. Thanks in advance... Never been there before


Where to start !!

Paris is an amazing city, easily my favorite.

It is a wonderful city for walking round and of course there are all the usual toursit sites.

I think you have to visit the "obvious" places: Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Arc De Triomphe, Sacre Cour.

Try to take a boat trip on the river, particulalry in the dusk, as they ligjht up all the buildings and it is amazing. The boats are called Bateaux mouche and here is an example of what they look like at night: i.pbase.com/o6/…jpg

While Paris has many wonderful old buildings, try to go to the area near the Pompidou centre. They have modern art gallery, street entertainers and it is a very "young" area.

Picture here: essential-architecture.com/PA/…jpg

There is of course the Lourve, a massive museum and art gallery which contains the Mona Lisa (did you see or read the Da Vinci Code? )

The area around the Sacre Coeur church is called Monmartre. It used to be a village on the edge of Paris till the city grew and enveloped it. It is a great area for walking round, full of little squares, bars and restaurants. It was featured heavily in the film Moulin Rogue.

Here is a picture of the Sacre Couer, and it is high on a hill so you get great views over Paris:

Try to get a guide book, as there is so much to see and do in Paris.

There are loads of web sites about Paris, just search on "Paris" or "visiting Paris" or "Paris Tourist" and you will find loads of sites.

You can download a free travel guide here, a beautiful city and crepes by the Seine


As above really. Metro is brill - like London for getting around so nothing is too far away. Louvre (although kids may get a bit restless) Sacre Coeur, Eiffel (make sure you see it at night on the hour - it does that sparkly light thing). Also the area around the Notre Dame is very nice and lots of restaurants. Can be pricey at nights. We found best for us and kids is to eat a good lunch on one of the 'Formule' (set menu for 2 or 3 courses) which were very good value then it was not too late or expensive later on!

Hope you have a great time.

One extra thing, Paris is likely to be PACKED at that time in August so many of the obvious tourist sites will have long queues.

The queues for the lifts up the Eiffel Tower could well be over an hour.

If you can, get there early, or if the queues are too long then consider walking up (you have to pay, but not as much for getting the lift). It is not as bad as it sounds and I was easily able to walk up to the second level.

Original Poster

Thanks for all your tips as well. I am particularly concerned about how easy it would be to travel on the bus service (given we plan to go out at night)


A must see is the Church of Mary Magdelane


Bus info (need to understand french!)


avoid the louvre as queues are enormous in august (took us 2 hours just to get through the front door!).

:whistling: Went there myself once. Met a chap I knew by Notre Dame Cathedral - Could'nt recall his name but his face rang a bell. :w00t:
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