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    I have posted a few questions on here lately regarding my hols,but i really need to make a decision.First of all i have already booked cornwall {yes its next yr but i always book early to get the best prices} and if i cancel early enough i will only lose £15 but i have just come back from another center parcs holiday and loved it so much-AGAIN, im thinking of cancelling cornwall and going back to centerparcs- YES AGAIN but i always have a great holiday,dont get me wrong i love cornwall as well but 6 hrs in a car and hoping for great weather when u get there, center parcs is looking more tempting just wondering where the majority of people would go


    im going on a cruise with royal carribean cant wait
    ive always wanted to go to centre parks if you liked it there you should go back im sure you will enjoy it again
    we went to butlins last year and i didnt like there

    For me it would depend on the time of year. If we are talking July August time I would go to Cornwall but if weather could be more iffy then would go to center parcs as we love it there even in winter. I have to say though i have never been to Cornwall but have always wanted to.
    My thinking is that you can go to centerparcs any time of the year but not sure you would want to go all that way and not enjoy the good weather.
    At the end of the day its what you enjoy so if your heart says center parcs go with it. I feel more relaxed there the more times i go.

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    thank you for yr replies much apprieated,feel free any1 else to add your opinions it all helps

    I agree with GG, if its Summertime then go to Cornwall - me and hubby just went for the weekend for the first time and loved the beaches, countryside, relaxed lifestyle, the people, the lack of traffic, etc, etc

    it's good to go where you already know you like but its nice to explore as well
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