Where to look for ligitimate homeworking....

    Hi all,
    Can anyone point me to a website that offers real homeworking jobs and not just scams?

    Thanks guys


    Send me £5000 and I'll tell you :whistling:

    there's no such thing I don't think, otherwise we'd all do it.

    Is there actually any home working jobs now? If it can be done at home it can usually be done for £1 an hour in Asia :-S

    Long gone are them days.

    Apart from Cashback sites and other small-time stuff (which is the sort of thing you do when you have a spare 30 mins) I can't think of anything that's available off the bat which pays the bills.

    Rep for anyone who can employ me with such a job, regardless.

    go to and click on make money. they have loads of different ideas:)

    dont know of any that pay the bills i know a few people that do dropshipping but i dont think there is a great deal of money in that..? and these mystery shopping companies are ok.. but thats mainly freebies ( i get loads of free meals out and free subways etc with the one im with.. just get a bit of money for your expenses..

    My ex worked from home.
    She worked for one of those adult text services.
    Sat on her laptop..texts would come in..she would pretend to live in there town and just talk dirty to them really.
    She would so many pence per text.

    You could start your own business :P look on ebay, some of the businesses are pretty easy to replicate

    One of my friends works for text121chat (adult texting) she makes a fair bit but there is a certain amount of texts you have to send every month. She got her bf into it aswell lol.

    AQA They often recriut for UK staff. I know a couple of people who were with them and also made a fair but but they have very high standards so you can be out on your ear in a flash lol

    Lastly tier 1 Tech Support (Teletech Customer Service Agents) for a certain ISP or Teletech inbound sales roles…tml (click all jobs) i've thought about doing this myself but the shifts didnt really suit me.
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