Where to park in Leeds city centre?

Found 20th Dec 2009
Firstly, where to park in Leeds city centre on Boxing Day...? I was told the Market car park will be free parking on Boxing Day. Is this true? How do you get to the market car park (or what's the street address, I'll put in the sat nav)

Secondly, where's a good place to park in the city centre normally? Somewhere where its not extortionate for a day's parking.

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are the official ones but there are some unofficial car parks as well on the outskirts
dont park n the multi story market carpark! i parked there lat week for 3 hours and it was 12 quid. the out door carpark by the market is better, think it was like 6 quid all day!
The unofficial car parks say "£3 all day" but I do not know if it was just weekdays or all week.

I would rather park in a secure car park though.
thanks for the help.

still not sure whether to try and find space in the market car park on boxing day. if I don't get a space there, I won't know where to go!
I'd recommend using a car park of some sort.

Once I tried to park my car in a packet of cereals and it just wasn't happening. I gave up in the end.
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