Where to sell books?

    I have stacks of fiction books, Stephen King, Jeffrey Deaver, James Patterson, Dean Koontz, Patricia Cornwell - anyone know where to sell them as have looked at Amazon and no point listing on there as I dont have a merchant account so am tied to the postage they set for basic sellers so cant compete as I dont get sepcial rates on postage and some of the hardbacks are quite heavy!

    I stay in Scotland, midway between Aberdeen and Dundee so if anyone knows anywhere that buys second hand books then let me know! Also I dont drive so car boot sale is out of the question!

    I spent a lot of money on these books so would like to get something for them, especially as I quit work at the start of this month as my babysitter (My mum) has decided to go back to full time work and as a single mum who cannot earn enough to cover the childcare and rental costs, I am a stay at home mum just now. Its nice the time with the kids but my bank account is diminishing rapidly as the gas and electric bills here plus the rent is expensive!


    i think you are going to find it hard to get a good price -

    put notice up in local shop

    there all popular books and i think it would be worthwhile to put on ebay - i think it will only cost 5p to list as gallery is free

    put up sets of 4 of same author for say 1.50 plus postage - you will get some of your money back

    hope you sell them -

    i may be interested in buying them

    could you pm me a list of what you have and what you would like for each one


    Can you not do a little sale outside your house.

    I have thought about this but most of the people where I live are numpties!

    you could try [url][/url] It is for books only and you get paid a fixed fee of 3 pound per book although you can specify extra for postage if the books are quite heavy.

    I have sold a few on there mainly because you won't get anything from them on ebay due to the postage costs that people charge. I generally use the money I have earned to buy new books from the same site tho so have no idea about how you withdraw your funds!!

    Original Poster

    Dont want to pm anyone incase I get into trouble. Will get them together then list them on here - not urre how to calculate postage though!! Maybe once I list them people may be able to recommend who to post via!

    Will try to list them over the weekend with all my other stuff I am planning on offloading. Will have to look into paypal fees although BT is always best preference, after cash on collection of course as have consoles, games, clothes and tonnes of other stuff through my stint of impulse buying...oh well was fun while it lasted and helped me get through some difficult times....
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